Puuro Oats

What are Nordic Oats? 

They're kind of like overnight oats, but better! Puuro Oats have a unique cloud-like texture inspired by Finnish whipped porridge. They're packed with protein and fiber, with minimal sugar (no added sugars!). Try and see for yourself. 

Are Puuro Oats ready-to-eat?

Yes, just grab your favorite spoon and enjoy.

Can I heat the oats?

The oats are best enjoyed cold, but they taste delicious when heated as well. To heat, add your Puuro Oats to a small saucepan with 2 tbsp water and heat on medium-low, stirring often, until warm. Do not simmer or boil. 

Do the oats need refrigeration? 

Yes, please keep refrigerated at all times. The oats are a perishable product made using whole food ingredients with no preservatives. 


7 days - oats are shipped freshly made. Once opened, enjoy within 3 days


We do use certified gluten-free oats and oat fiber BUT they are handled in a facility that also processes other grains containing gluten, and therefore we do not recommend eating Puuro if you suffer from celiac disease. 


We do not use dairy in any of our products. The facility we make our products in does handle dairy products.


Yes, all of our products are vegan & plant-based.

Nutritional profile?

Check out our ingredients and nutritional profile on our Shop-page. Click on the flavor you're interested in and look for the ingredients listed within the description.  

Why are you more expensive than other brands? 

We are one of the few ready-to-eat oat brands to use organic ingredients which are much more expensive than conventionally grown raw ingredients. Our portion size is also larger, making it a complete meal. We only use whole specialty fruit and berries, and we use a lot of them. We don't use natural or artificial flavorings, fruit juices, added sugars, sugar alcohols, or artificial sweeteners. Read more about our ingredients here

Also, we're still a very small business and make everything by hand in order to produce the highest quality product possible.

Why are your oats packaged in plastic?

This is a tough one since we are highly aware of the troubles of plastic. We're going to work towards becoming plastic-free one day, but meanwhile, let's look at some benefits of plastic and why we chose to use it for now: 

Price and supply: The price of glass has skyrocketed during the past few years and supply has been scarce. We would have to price our already premium product much higher if we would opt for glass packaging.

Recyclability: Our plastic jar is made out of 100% PET/PETE and is as recyclable as glass. The beauty of our jar is, compared to many other plastics, that you can reuse the jar to store pantry items such as loose-leaf teas, spices, salts, and so on. Our founder Kira uses her jars for making homemade body scrubs (shoot her a message at kira@eatpuuro.com for the formula!). 

Fewer emissions: Plastic is much lighter than glass which helps reduce carbon emissions during transportation. Also, as surprising as it sounds, manufacturing glass uses much more natural resources than plastic. 

Puuro Fiber

What is Puuro Fiber?

Puuro Fiber is a unique blend of oat fiber, flaxseeds, and polyphenol-rich wild Nordic superberries that will enhance your oatmeal, yogurt, or smoothie with a burst of fresh berry flavor while providing your gut 6 of fiber. 

We went for flavor first and fiber second.

Can I mix it with water?

Unlike most fiber supplements out there, we don't recommend mixing our fiber boost with just water. Our fiber boost is meant to be enjoyed as a food that enchances your meals.

Can I mix Puuro Fiber with Puuro Oats?

What a great idea for an extra boost of fiber and flavor, meaning, yes :)! Just make sure you have a lot of water to keep all that fiber moving!